Welcome to our latest expansion of our business, this is the dedicated site of our Fleet Services sector and we have a complete range of services to assist you in your fleet management.

No matter if you have one vehicle or have multiple vehicles, we can make a big difference to how much time your vehicle spends in a garage and how much time it spends out on the road working for your business.

Not only this but we are not a religious go home at 6pm type company, if we need to stay to finish a vehicle then we will stay and we are the only true company who can offer this service as we are the only garage who has it’s own parts supply, so if we are working on your van at 8pm and we need a part then it is still available to us whereas with any other garage they would have to wait until the following morning when the usual parts suppliers re-open.

Three other services we can offer to your fleet are…

1…mobile tyre repair or replacement

2…vehicle recovery

3…body repairs and painting in our accident repair centre

In addition to this we have easily the most competent and varied amount of equipment and machinery available to complete any task on your vehicle.

We have three different machines for DPF cleaning and Carbon Cleaning (nobody else in the whole of Yorkshire has this) We have our own Injection Testing equipment, sending away to have tested is not necessary with us as there are no other testers in the city or close by.

We have all the necessary Air Conditioning equipment, three machines altogether as well as advanced repair machinery which can manufacture a complete new air-con hose from scratch.

Other equipment we have are machines to sort out a wrong Fuel fill-up scenario, Tracking, MOT’s for Class 4, 5a and 7 and we have one of the largest ramps in the city so we can MOT most motorhomes too.

We have so much more to offer in the Injection, Pump, Diagnostic sectors that you will need to search the OTHER SERVICES button to be taken to links and individual sites we have built for these.

If the worst should happen and there is a serious problem with your engine or gearbox, we can sort this urgently for you too as we own a company called Yorkshire Engines (formerly Alex E Carr Engineering – est.1918). In this building we have everything possible required to rebuild either your engine and gearbox along with staff who were with Alex Carr for more than 50 years.

The depth of jobs we can do here is second to none throughout Yorkshire and to get an idea of our services here, it is better to check out the dedicated site for our sister company.